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Cabinets Bare at Concord Crystal City? Restock at Lidl Express!

Living at the Concord, you’re probably familiar with the few grocery stores nearby such as Harris Teeter, Giant Food, Market Basket, and Whole Foods. Maybe they’re too expensive, not up to your standards, or you just don’t have time to navigate through all the aisles and confusing layouts. This is where Lidl Express comes in.

Lidl is not your typical cookie-cutter grocery store. They only offer high-quality food and products that are locally grown and that meet their high expectations to be a part of their private label. This private label makes up 80% of the store’s offerings and ensures that you, as the customer, receive the best food there is at low prices.

Lidl Express is just half a mile south of your apartment, and you’re sure to find all your grocery needs or have it all delivered through Boxed. All orders over $65 are delivered free, while orders under $65 incur a $6.99 fee (but the first delivery is free). Lidl is open from 8 am to 8 pm daily for your quick one-shop needs.