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Try the Matcha-Strawberry Croissants at Sidekick Bakery, Now Open Near Your Apartment

The favorite Ted’s Bulletin restaurant chain has a new sidekick—Sidekick Bakery, that is. This new branch of the beloved chain opened up earlier this year attached to the Ted’s on Wilson Boulevard and has been tantalizing taste buds since day one. Despite the fact they’re a bakery, they do have a great selection of both sweet and savory fare that’s easy to eat on the go.

For those with a sweet tooth, you’ll be in your element and may have to try more than one item. They break their menu down into Ted’s tarts (aka a fancy poptart), croissants, eclairs, cookies, cinnamon toast crunch banana bread and cakes. The matcha strawberry croissants and celebration cakes are definitely quick favorites in case you can’t decide. Moving to the savory side of things, they offer savory fancy croissants and sidekicks, which are mini-sliders on sweet potato brioche. The sidekicks are nice because they’re a bit smaller so you get two for $7 and can try multiple options like the egg, cheddar and chive along with the weekly special.

Note that you won’t want to plan to dine in because seating is very limited.