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Treat Yourself to Traditional or Gluten Free Treats at The Happy Tart

The Happy Tart bakery is on holiday break now, but mark your calendar for February 1 for when they reopen. It seems like a long time to have to wait for their cakes, crepes, and pastries, especially if you’d had the pleasure of sampling their sweets. 

The cakes are as beautiful as they are delicious, and certainly suitable for a wedding, shower, or other special occasion. While much of The Happy Tart’s business is their special-order cakes and desserts, the retail location has row after row of colorful treats lining their display cases for grab-and-go consumption. They are also known for their gluten free cupcakes, which taste just as good as the original baked goods. When The Happy Tart reopens this year, they are working on adding ciders from local makers — just the right crisp complement to their sugary treats. If you simply can’t wait until February 1 for your dessert fix, visit the location in Falls Church for many of the same goodies.