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Enjoy a Fresh Juice After Class at Ease Yoga and Café

With a class roster as broad as the one at Ease Yoga and Café, your yoga practice will feel fresh and exciting for a lifetime. This studio offers more than 20 types of classes, from popular choices like Nidra or yoga flow, to harder-to-find options like Kosha mapping and yoga with essential oils. You can find an experience that is perfectly relaxing and restorative, or energizing and strengthening, all in one beautiful studio.

Ease Yoga and Café also offers a full schedule of workshops and retreats, as well as a teacher-training course with a dedicated director teaching over nine immersion weekends. This studio’s dedication to the class breadth and continued practice of yoga makes for an unparalleled learning experience for both novices and experience yogis alike. Ease Yoga and Café also has a South Block juice café on site, which is the perfect reward for a job well done.

Public Domain/Pixabay/lograstudio