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Learn the Ropes at CrossFit South Arlington

CrossFit South Arlington is a comprehensive fitness facility focusing on the coaching and programming associated with CrossFit. These classes combine strength training with metabolic conditioning, working on skills like pull-ups, back squats, rowing on the erg, and burpees. CrossFit South Arlington is also the only affiliate in the region to provide level-based classes. These classes allow the studio to distinguish a level of proficiency for each member and then educate accordingly, which provides better feedback and more individualized attention to your personal development.

New students start at the Level 100 classes, which provide a strong educational foundation in core concepts and fundamental body positions. This class level is required for all new members and will help you get used to all aspects of CrossFit. Enrollments start at $185 per month and increase from there, depending on how often you would like to train. CrossFit South Arlington offers discounts for couples, families, active duty Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Students.