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Build a New Salad Every Day at Fresh Chop Chop

If you're under the impression that eating healthy dooms you to boring and flavorless meals, then you probably haven't been to Fresh Chop Chop in Arlington. You could eat a salad for lunch on a daily basis here and still delight your taste buds day after day. That's all thanks to the setup of this salad shop, which allows guests to build their own salads from the greens up.

Start by selecting a base of romaine, spinach, spring mix, or kale. Then add your "choppings," perhaps a classic combo of tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots or a more inventive assortment of black beans, corn, red onion, and sunflower seeds. Next, pick a protein. You can opt for traditional meats such as chicken, ham, turkey, or tuna salad, or try tofu instead to keep your meal meat-free. For the final flourish, pick a cheese and a dressing. Then dig into your customized creation.