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Get Your Gluten-Free Pastries at The Happy Tart

Since so many people struggle with gluten intolerance, it’s good that places like The Happy Tart exist. Located in Alexandria, just under two miles from Concord Crystal City apartments, The Happy Tart is a gluten-free bakery specializing in French pastries.

Everything in the Happy Tart’s kitchen is made completely gluten free, so you don’t have to fear traces of gluten in your tasty treats. At the Happy Tart, you’ll find a wide array of sweet and savory items on the menu. You can order custom cakes for special events, including weddings, or pick up some handmade macarons. For the holidays, enjoy custom cookies and cakes, or pick up a gingerbread house kit. If you love what you taste at The Happy Tart and want to recreate the gluten-free goodness at home, you can buy the store’s flour blends right at the shop—there are blends for making pizza dough, pastries and even homemade pasta.