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Explore a Bit of American History at Arlington National Cemetery

One of the most famous cemeteries in all of America, Arlington National Cemetery is where our country’s best heroes and more than 300,000 veterans rest. This cemetery was established in 1866, and it holds brave veterans from every conflict our nation has been through.

There are an average of 28 burials each week day in this 600-acre cemetery, but it is also filled with generations of American history. Many visitors recommend taking a bus tour to ensure you see the vast grounds, as it is tough to walk all of the grounds in one visit. While there are many notable people buried at Arlington National Cemetery, one of the most notable people buried here is former President John F. Kennedy. An eternal flame even burns at his grave site. The tomb of the unknown soldier is also another fascinating area to visit, as you'll see that a guard is always on duty protecting the tomb.