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Revamp Your Space at Concord Crystal City With Unique Home Decor Finds From World Market

Imagine you’re throwing a fancy dinner party in your Concord Crystal City apartment. You need glasses and dishes for the party, a few bottles of wine, and some gourmet coffee to serve with dessert—but you also want to replace the rug in the living and maybe hang some new curtains. And you want to do it all without busting your budget.

You can spend an entire day running around to half a dozen different specialty stores, or you can make one simple stop at World Market. Specializing in unique and high-quality home decor and household supplies, World Market brings new meaning to the phrase “at home in the world.” Yelp reviewers say the Arlington location of this popular chain provides a particularly good opportunity to wander through the aisles and spontaneously stumble onto things you never knew your home was missing!

World Market
1301 S. Joyce St.
Arlington, VA 22202
(7023) 415-7575