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Calling All Sweet Tooths at Concord Crystal City: Get Your Sugar Fix at Frozenyo!

At one point, frozen yogurt shops were considered unique and novel, but by now most customers know what to expect: chilly, sweet treats that can be a bit healthier than more traditional desserts. That’s the tradition out of which DC’s Frozenyo has grown, with a variety of froyos that are fat-free, non-dairy, and/or free of added sugars You’ll also find a range of unique, playful flavors, like cinnamon roll, French toast, and pink lemonade, alongside all the traditional favorites, like creamy vanilla, dark chocolate, and various fruity sorbets.

Don’t forget to sprinkle your choice of toppings over your yogurt, and take advantage of the free hot fudge or caramel topping. A cup of hot or iced coffee can round out any order. The shop also sells a variety of baked goods, perfect for enjoying later back at Concord Crystal City.

2231 Crystal Drive
Crystal City, VA 22202
(571) 431-6103