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Calling All Concord Crystal City Guitarists: Take Your Axe to Metro Guitar Service

If you’re a guitar player, you understand the importance of having a reliable guitar shop take care of your repairs. Metro Guitar Service is just that type of establishment, offering both high quality repair jobs performed by guitar techs who get the job done correctly.

Whether you’re looking for a professional setup on a new guitar or a fix on your existing bass, acoustic, or electric guitar, Metro Guitar Service can do both. The shop doesn’t specialize in any one brand, instead offering reliable service on string instruments by Fender, Gibson, Martin, PRS, Jackson, Epiphone, Taylor, Hamer, Rickenbacker and many others. The prices are affordable and the turnaround time is quick, meaning that you’ll be back to playing in your living room at Concord Crystal City or out at a gig in no time.

For a complete list of services or to schedule an appointment, visit the Metro Guitar Service website!

Metro Guitar Service
775 23rd St
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 371-7589